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Homes of the Year 2017

Each year, we ask 417-land builders to submit their best work. That invitation unfailingly results in a diverse array of drop-dead gorgeous homes for us to drool over. This year’s batch of...

2016 Homes of the Year

This year's homes of the year are more impressive than ever.

2015 Homes of the Year

Let us take you inside four of 417-land’s most impressive dwellings, designed by builders who knew just how to make us stop and stare.

2014 Homes of the Year

From a stately English Manor to a home boasting a plethora of Old-World flare, these homes are among the most beautiful we’ve ever featured.

2013 Homes of the Year

Take a look at these hand-crafted masterpieces, then start planning your own dream home.

2012 Homes of the Year

From one-of-a-kind architecture and hidden bookshelves to custom mouldings and fully decked-out media rooms, these houses are unlike any others we’ve ever seen in southwest Missouri.

2010 Homes of the Year

The most-beautiful new homes in 417-land prove beautiful homes are a way of life, no matter what year it is.

2008 Homes of the Year

The best of the best newly built abodes in 417-land.

2007 Homes of the Year

We hope you enjoy our staff-picked winners in four home-value categories, plus one overall winner.

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