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We're trying something new here at 417 Magazine and 417 Home. Like the Homes of the Year that we're featuring in this issue, our big new idea is all about innovation and the bells and whistles you can add to create the perfect home. Only instead of just judging the houses that other people build, we are creating our own from the ground up. It's the first ever 417 Idea Home, and we've rounded up some of 417-land's most creative minds in home building and designing to help us make it a reality. The setting is a lot with a golf course view in the as-yet-under-construction master planned community, Branson Hills.

The home, on the 18th green of The Tribute Golf Club (dedicated to the life of Payne Stewart) will be built by Doug Pitts of Doug Pitts Construction and designed by architect Ron Hill of Euro World Design. And of course, because of the home's location in Branson Hills, Rick Huffman and the rest of the HCW Development team are in on the plan as well. (See more about Branson Hills on p. 86.) Melissa Turpin, president of Unique Tile and vice president of the Springfield Design Association, will be the design coordinator and will work with all the interior designers who'll come together to add their expertise to different rooms inside the home. (Keep your eyes peeled for more on Turpin and the design team in a later issue of 417 Home.) We're also teaming up with sponsors from all around 417-land who will add their personal touches and professional opinions to make the house truly amazing.

Once our dream home is built, we're going to sell it. But don't worry. You'll get a chance to see it beforehand, when we host a two-weekend tour of the home in September 2007. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to two local charities that were still undetermined at press time. And, as you can probably tell, there's a lot that's still undetermined. We'll keep you posted as all the plans come together throughout the coming year. There will be designers and sponsors to meet, and there will be progress that you'll want to keep an eye on. So stay with us throughout the year, as we test the waters of teamwork and innovation to create the coolest home we can come up with. Read on to learn about three of our major players, take a look at the floor plan and find out why we chose Branson Hills as the 417 Idea Home's home.


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