2009 Gardens of the Year

Spring has sprung in 417-land, and what better way to celebrate than enjoying some of the season’s eye-candy? Take a look at two of the most gorgeous gardens in southwest Missouri, and learn how the gardeners keep their spaces looking top-notch.

Spring  is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. As temperatures warm up, the Earth comes back to life and nature provides us with some of the most gorgeous natural beauty there is. But in addition to the bright blue skies and lush, fresh greenery, people in southwest Missouri have one additional thing to look forward to seeing–gardens. To show some appreciation for all the hard work gardeners put in, we dedicate our annual spring issue to highlighting exceptional flower gardens among the hundreds in 417-land. We talk to the gardeners, photograph the flowers and present the beauty to you.

This year is no exception. We explore the colorful backyards of a couple of local gardeners, each who approached their gardens with differing ideas, yet ended up with the same result: beauty. Roxie Bowlinger surrounded both the side and the back of her southeast Springfield home with a random yet tasteful assortment of flowers, plus added some character to the space with an archway. Micki Melton filled her home’s outdoor space with a variety of more than 65 types of plants and flowers. Ready to see them for yourself? Click on a gardner below, and enjoy!

The Roxie Bowlinger Garden

The Micki Melton Garden

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