The Garden Collection: 2010

Catch a glimpse of three of the most gorgeous, one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces in southwest Missouri, and get a little D.I.Y. advice from the gardeners.

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What makes a garden beautiful?

Of course there’s one obvious answer: flowers. Lots and lots of colorful, complex flowers blooming everywhere, adding vibrant colors to the green grass and blue-sky backdrop. But what else?

For Gail Stineburg, it’s variety. She calls herself a plant collector, and her home is surrounded by 10 gardens, flowers, grasses and even funky-colored furniture. For Larry and Helen Fortner, it’s a water feature. Their outdoor space is filled with ponds and a waterfall, all surrounded by a variety of flowers. And for Dan and Melissa Scott, it’s location. They have a greenhouse, a variety of potted plants and even a spot to enjoy a meal all on the rooftop of their downtown Springfield loft.

These spaces were selected as our Gardens of the Year because they’re some of the prettiest, most one-of-a-kind gardens we found. See them, and learn where the gardeners find their passion.

Continue reading for these gardeners' stories, or click the gallery below to view larger images of their beautiful green spaces.

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