Outdoor Spaces 2017

We toured three of the best outdoor living spaces in the area to gain inspiration and some tips and tricks about setting up our own backyard retreats.

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We all know there’s something special about spring in 417-land. The warmer weather. The yards coming back to life. The allure of longer days that extend into warm nights. But the best part of spring is where you spend it, and if you’re like us, you know it’s tough to beat a spring day turning into a spring evening right in your own backyard. We’re talking about outdoor living spaces, the second kitchens and living rooms that look over pools, courts and greenhouses that make you never want to go inside. We found three of the best in the area, and we took a tour hoping to gain inspiration and some tips and tricks about setting up our own backyard retreats. Join us on the next page—we’ll be dreaming about where we want to spend our evenings this spring. 


Featured Outdoor Spaces

Growing Old Together on 40 Acres of Land

An Outdoor Overhaul

Entertaining on a Ranch

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