417 Home Design Awards 2012

Meet the winning designers of the 2012 417 Home Design Awards.

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Photos by Jeremy Mason McGraw

Converting this bonus room into a home office for two was particularly challenging because the room is long and skinny and needed a lot of storage space. “We wanted the whole length of the wall in bottom cabinets and upper shelving,” says McMurtrey. After the storage was in place, there was even less space, and she had to figure out how to make the room work for two people. McMurtrey decided a long dining room table should be used in place of a traditional desk in order to comfortably fit two work spaces on the surface. A seating area was added next. “We really wanted it to be modern but not too out there,” she says. “It’s easily flexible and can turn into a guest bedroom with room for a twin bed.”–J.Y.

The designer’s favorite aspect is… the space’s great energy. “The colors are vibrant but not distracting, and it’s organized and balanced,” she says.

Resource Listing

Window Coverings, Carpet, Furniture, Lighting and Accessories
Available through Gina McMurtrey Interiors, LLC, 7865 N. Shady River Ln., Willard, 417-343-6058,

Ozark Mountain Granite & Tile Co.
6001 N. 21st St., Ozark,

Various locations in 417-land, including 4116 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, 417-885-1300,

Benjamin Moore, Seminole Décor Center Inc.
1815 E. Seminole St., Springfield
417-881-5559, seminoledecorcenter.com

Custom Woodwork
Craig Sloan, CAS Builders
417-425-8923, casbuilders.com

Custom Commissioned Artwork
Gavyn Sky
417-380-6151, gavynskystudios.com

Julie Austin Photography
417-631-9584, julieaustinphotography.com

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