2015 Design Awards

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Whole House Winner

In the living room, Taylor brought in custom-made coffee tables designed by Bridge Blue that were specifically made for this home. “Our goal was to create a space to place books and decorative accessories,” Taylor says. “But we didn’t want it to feel too closed in or blocky.” 

What started as a simple bathtub installation ended up becoming a whole-home remodel for designer Nathan Taylor and his team, but the end result is absolutely stunning. 

“This home was very dark and closed in,” Taylor says. “The wife wanted to build new and start over, but the husband didn’t want to leave the property.” That meant Taylor had to find a way to breathe new life into this home while retaining the original structure. Taylor needed to incorporate the owners’ style and love of art in a way that would make the family feel right at home. He had his work cut out for him.

Instead of the polished woodwork that now gleams in the sunlight, the home’s large wood beams, flooring and cabinetry were all a yellow oak that made the home look outdated. 

To give the spacious country property a more modern look, much of it had to go. The doors were raised to 8 feet, all cabinetry was replaced on the main floor, hardwood floors were refinished, LED track lighting was installed, skylights were added to the vaulted ceiling and the thick wood beams and ceiling were re-stained a darker, more elegant color. Now instead of an outdated, gloomy home, the space shines with style and warmth.—E.B.

One of the home’s central features is the beautiful spiral staircase that connects to the second floor. Taylor had Bearden Carpets carpet the stairs and added extra spindles to make it safer for the couple as they age in the home. Playing off of the dark wood of the staircase is the striking painting done by Karen Schneider. “The piece is absolutely breathtaking in person,” Taylor says. 

The family's wine cellar was refinished so that it could be used for dinner parties and wine tastings. Taylor stacked the shelving that used to run down the center of the room to make the storage for the wine bottles along the far wall.

Since the family loves to entertain, Taylor completely restructured the kitchen to make it ideal for playing host. The bar, which was originally two different levels, was leveled and topped with granite. The sink was relocated to the bar, and because it’s an entertaining sink, it can be completely closed off and used as a prep area or serving area. And those everyday kitchen cabinets were rebuilt with glass panels to showcase the couple’s collection of Italian serveware that has been passed down through generations. “We wanted the cabinets to look like furniture,” Taylor says. For a finishing touch, Taylor added new barstools that add a touch of sophisticated style to the room.

To make the front entryway feel more spacious and bright and give guests a sneak peek at the beautiful home inside, Taylor installed wooden doors with glass panels. Now the walk up to the house is even more breathtaking as you catch a glimpse of the art inside. 

Planning around the homeowners’ love of playing host, Taylor brought in a large sink that can be easily covered to create a prep or serving station.

To brighten the room, the oak woodwork was painted white. An art hanging system was installed here and around the house to allow the owners to easily change their art without having to repair the walls.

Taylor wanted to showcase the owners’ love of  art, so he laid out their collection of art books around the house, including on the table near the entryway.

Since the owners love the outdoors, Taylor installed a large window that looks out on to the property. But all that natural light meant the family needed blackout drapes to accommodate their irregular sleeping schedule.

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