The Foolish 417 Irish Alley Cat Race

mar 17

2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Photo courtesy Mother's Brewing Company

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Mar 17 2018

2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Mother's Brewing Company
215 S Grant Ave
Springfield, MO
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52 racer limit! First come first served. Mark that you are "Going" via this event page.

The Foolish 417 Alleycat Race; Irish Edition St Patrick's Day 2018! Bike Messenger/Alleycat style race. A checkpoint style race around the Queen City. No tickets, no pre-registration. Just show up, sign a waiver, grab your Messenger ID Card and get ready to get Foolish. 

By all means record your race to Strava or whatever activity tracker you use. However; navigation to checkpoints by any GPS device or application is strictly forbidden! This is a bike messenger race....study the map, know your way ahead of time. 

STUDY THE MAP. A few minutes before the race starts you will receive your "Manifest". You will have only a few minutes to figure out the most efficient way to hit the 7 listed checkpoints. Check the map here for a list of ?? possible checkpoints. Changes will be made in the coming months. New checkpoints will be added.

If you lose you Messenger ID or your Manifest you are DNF!
Fixie? Single Speed? Road Bike? Mountain Bike? Choose your weapon wisely.

Prizes? How about a high five? A slap on the back? A stick in your spokes? In true Alley Cat style, bragging rights are your prize. There might be something cool or funny for DFL (Dead Freaking Last). And the winner gets to buy a beer for DFL.

Presented by Mother's Brewing Company / Bicycle Outlet Cycling