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9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Springfield Little Theatre
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Oct 23 2020 | Nov 03 2020 | Nov 25 2020 | Jan 18 2021 | Feb 15 2021 | Mar 12 2021 | Mar 15 2021 | Mar 16 2021 | Mar 17 2021 | Mar 18 2021 | Mar 19 2021

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Judy - Springfield Little Theatre's Education Department
237 S. Florence
Springfield, MO
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About This Event

Children ages 5-12 are invited to participate in a full day of creative play, including theatre games, improvisation, dance, and an art project.  They will also tackle a script that they will perform at the end of the day at an informal showing for parents and friends!  (If there are still gathering restrictions due to COVID, we will offer digital assets in lieu of a live performance.)
Bring a sack lunch, a water bottle, and a smile!

Pre-registration is REQUIRED

Springfield Little Theatre Education Department Response to COVID-19:
All students and staff are required to stay home if they are running a fever or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, difficulty breathing, chills, shaking, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, etc.)

Staff will be vigilant for observation of symptoms in children and will immediately inform the Lead Registrar if they notice signs of illness. Children and staff who become sick while at The Landers will immediately be separated from well children and staff and sent home as soon as possible. When notified, parents are expected to pick up their sick child as soon as possible.

Staff members will clean and disinfect surfaces in the area after the sick child or staff member has gone home following exclusion guidelines from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Section for Child Care Regulation. Springfield Little Theatre will ensure daily cleaning, and the disinfection of all frequently touched surfaces will become regular practice.

Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up and Screening of Children. Each vehicle will be greeted by a SLT Staff representative in front of the Landers. The passenger side rear window should be rolled down, allowing the SLT Staff representative to perform a temperature check with a non-contact thermometer. The designated staff member will have washed their hands with soap and water and will wear disposable gloves and a mask. 

Children will not be allowed to attend camp if their temperature measures 100.4 or if they exhibit signs consistent with fever, such as a flushed face, glassy eyes, or chills
Children will be dropped off for camp from the car line. Children will be provided with hand sanitizer at a hands-free station prior to entering the building.

To the extent possible, Springfield Little Theatre workshops will be delivered in stable groups of approximately 15 students (“stable” means that the same 15 children are in the same group each day)
Each group of approximately 15 children will be assigned to their own home room in order to limit the mixing of children as much as possible.

City of Springfield, MO Mask Ordinance In Effect 7/16:
Anyone who enters The Landers is required to wear a mask. The mask should be worn upon entering, while moving through the hallways, in common areas, and in most classes.
There is an exemption for exercise and fitness classes when six-foot social distancing is possible. We are able to ask our students to distance themselves during dance classes and they may remove their masks for the duration of the dance class period.

There is an exemption for speaking to groups of people and performing when six-foot social distancing is possible. With our current class sizes, a student in an acting class who is performing a monologue or a student in a voice class who is performing a solo may remove their mask when they are standing up in front of the class and are properly distanced from their audience and other performers.

There is an exemption for eating and drinking when six-foot social distancing is possible, so masks may be removed when eating and drinking.

Please continue to be diligent about distancing, handwashing and staying home when symptomatic, as we continue to be diligent with our cleaning and disinfecting procedures. We are so grateful for the opportunity to continue to provide artistic, social, educational, and performance outlets for our young people.