A Very Feldman Halloween

Get a glimpse of the superb Halloween party 417-lander Elle Feldman hosted last year, and read her tips for hosting your own event.

By Kathryn Cardin | Photos by Jessica Kennon Spencer

Sep 2013

This blog was updated with new information 10/25/2019.

Elle Feldman, co-owner of Good Skin Day and Good Clean Wine in Springfield, and her husband, Jon, host a Halloween party at their house every year. They stepped it up a notch last year when they hosted their first adult-only Halloween party. Instead of asking guests to dress up in typical costumes, Elle decided to put an elegant spin on the holiday and asked guests to wear black, white or silver. The Feldmans emptied their living room, set up a homemade photo booth and hired The Big McCoy Jazz Trio to play live music. They had a blind wine tasting game with around 20 wines that Elle paired with candy instead of food. Between the original theme and the playful events, the Feldman’s party did not disappoint.

The Menu:
Elle chose around 20 wines to feature in her blind wine tasting game and researched candies to pair with them, such as Skittles and white chocolate chips. She and Jon made other homemade beverages to accompany the main dish of chili. Guests brought Halloween and fall-themed side dishes.

Feldman residence

The Décor:
To go with the dress code, Elle decorated the house in white, black and silver. She put black and silver pumpkins on the mantel, and for a fun twist, she hung bats, spiders and cobwebs from the ceilings and light fixtures.  

The Guest List:
A large group of the couple’s friends.

Time to Party: Elle Feldman paired wine with candy for a blind tasting game. She and her husband, Jon, gave mini bottles of wine as party favors. Guests, including Jamie and Jason Jordan, enjoyed Elle’s chocolate truffles shaped as skeletons. 

Host Your Own Halloween Party
Elle Feldman shares a few tips on hosting your own Halloween bash.

1. Pick an original theme. 

Take a classic theme and add your own twist to it, or think of something brand new. Instead of a traditional Halloween costume party, Elle asked guests to dress in black, silver and white, which set a more elegant tone for the evening.

2. Find a deal on décor. 
If you are switching around your theme each year, chances are, you won’t be using the same decorations twice, so buy a lot of inexpensive decorations instead. Also, think of painting or repurposing pieces you already have.

3. Choose a signature drink. 
Create a signature drink to match your theme. This is a great way to tie in your favorite ingredients and have fun in the process.  

4. Create an icebreaker. 
As soon as your guests walk in, hand them a drink and give them an activity to do to help them loosen up. Elle chose to include a homemade photo booth guests could play around with.

5. Give your guests party favors. 
It’s a great way to thank them for coming, and it will definitely make them want to come the next year as well.