Keep it Clean

Ready to reclaim your weekends and never spend an entire Saturday cleaning house again? Two local cleaning experts share tips on keeping up with housework.

By Kelsey Berry

Sep 2013


Instead of dedicating an entire day each week to cleaning, follow this simple chore list suggested by cleaning experts Cheryl Sameshima at Domestic Aide (2335 E. Chestnut Expy., Springfield, 417-862-4414, and Serenia Stults at Spic-N-Span (17321 Bus. Hwy. 13, Unit H., Branson West, 417-239-5912,

In the Kitchen
“Keep up on cleaning the daily stuff, especially the microwave,” Sameshima says. “Clorox wipes are fantastic for quick usage on daily things.”
Chore breakdown:
Daily: Wash dishes, wipe counters, sweep the floor
Weekly: Clean small appliances, mop the floors
Monthly: Audit your pantry and fridge and throw away any old food
Seasonally: Wipe down cupboards and large appliances

In the Bathroom
Wipe down the shower with a squeegee after each use. “It works great to get rid of water and soap spots,” Sameshima says.
Chore breakdown:
Daily: Wipe down sink area and toilet
Weekly: Mop the floors, wipe down shower
Monthly: Deep clean baseboards, tub and sink; wipe down walls
Seasonally: Audit your medicine cabinets for expired products, organize cupboards

In the Living Room
“Changing your furnace filters reduces the amount of dust your house accumulates,” Sameshima says.
Chore breakdown:
Lightly dust, straighten blankets, pillows, throws and décor
Weekly: Dust; vacuum, sweep or mop floors
Monthly: Wipe baseboards and above doors, vacuum furniture, and clean blinds
Seasonally: Wipe down light fixtures, clean windows

In the Master Bedroom
Organize. “Use shelving or baskets to store items that don’t have a home,” Stults says.
Chore breakdown:
Daily: Pick up clutter; vacuum or sweep floors
Weekly: Move and clean behind furniture, clean baseboards, vacuum (change vacuum filters if houseshold has pets)
Monthly: Raid the closet, and downsize (If you haven’t worn it in months, get rid of it!); vacuum underneath the bed and get rid of spider webs
Seasonally: Change out any seasonal items or décor to minimize clutter, clean out window gutters and screens, change air filters (every three to four months)

In your Kids’ bedrooms
“Make it a routine to pick up before bedtime or after every session of play,” Stults says.
Chore breakdown:
Sweep or vacuum, pick up toys off the floor
Weekly: Go through toys and throw out ones that are broken or don’t have all of the pieces, dust fan blades
Monthly: Go through closet and get rid of things that have been outgrown
Seasonally: Clean out window gutters and screens, change air filters (every three to four months)