Schofield + Gray

Located approximately 20 miles east of Springfield, Fordland’s monthly Schofield + Gray outdoor vintage market is the perfect spot to search for one-of-a-kind finds.

By Savannah Waszczuk

Sep 2015


358 Hill St., Fordland; 417-299-0227
Open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on September 26, October 24 and November 14.
Check Schofield + Gray’s Facebook page for the December event date and more details.

There’s a bit of a romance that comes with searching for old treasures. While many people love scouring flea markets for treasures they might take home, they often find the thrill of the hunt just as appealing as finding a winning piece. At Schofield + Gray, an outdoor vintage market started by Grayson Home’s co-owner Clive Gray, this hunt happens on a scenic country property just off of Main Street in the small town of Fordland.   

Once a month on a Saturday, some 20 vendors set up shop at Schofield + Gray to create an outdoor festival of sorts, but there’s a whole lot more than crafts up for grabs. Many of the vendors at Schofield + Gray are local businesses from Springfield, Ozark and other surrounding towns, and they bring in merchandise that ranges from repurposed furniture and vintage antiques to jewelry, lamps and other home décor. “There’s really a huge variety for sale here,” says Gray, who displays merchandise from Grayson Home, the Springfield furniture store he co-owns with Ryan Rosenquist. 

Many of the vendors set up tents and outbuildings on the property, which is as large as three city blocks, while others set out displays in the old house that sits on the property. “It’s my Grandma Lula Mai Schofield Lawson’s old place,” Gray says. Walking through the house, you might find wall art and furniture in one room and then find antique restaurant plates and old children’s games in the next. You don’t know what’s waiting around the corner, and that’s definitely part of the charm.

In addition to shopping, the monthly market is a good excuse to get outside and have some fun. Gray and Rosenquist, who is Gray’s business partner, bring in musical entertainment each month, and they grill free hot dogs for people to enjoy as they explore. Since first opening in May 2014, the market has drawn as many as 500 people. While it’s only a quick drive from Springfield, the towering trees, surrounding green grass and country charm make it feel a lifetime away. If you want a relaxing way to spend a Saturday, come on out and stay a while.