Embrace the Charcoal Trend in Your Home

From skincare to design, charcoal is certainly having its moment.

By Tessa Cooper

Sep 2018

1. RM COCO Penthouse pattern in color S13, $39.90 per yard, Resource Room 2. Concrete soap dish, $5.50, Harrison House Market 3. Nana K’s charcoal and clay facial soap, $5, Harrison House Market 4. Discreet charcoal cube air purifier, $30, Springfield Mercantile Co. 5. Rhomboid tile in chalk grey, $7.49 per square foot, Unique Tile 6. Rhomboid tile in chalk dark, $7.49 per square foot, Unique Tile 7. Bati Orient tile in Vemi 111, $35.60 per sheet, Unique Tile 8. Pumice stone, $9, Springfield Mercantile Co. 9. RM COCO Flurry pattern in color S682, $48.40 per yard, Resource Room 10. RM COCO Landen pattern in color S24, $33.90 per yard, Resource Room 11. Binchotan charcoal water purifier sticks, $15, Springfield Mercantile Co. 12. RM COCO Rialto pattern in color S12, $33.90 per yard, Resource Room 13. RM COCO Rialto pattern in color S21, $33.90 per yard, Resource Room

Charcoal has proved that it is not just for grilling. Activated charcoal has hit the beauty industry by storm thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

This season, we have also seen the color popping up in fabrics and other home goods. The color charcoal has the same classic and sophisticated look as black, but with a softer edge. You can even draw inspiration from the texture of charcoal. Its rough surface adds an organic look to any midcentury modern or industrial home.

As it turns out, you can also take advantage of activated charcoal to purify your home. Springfield Mercantile Co.’s discreet charcoal cube air purifier would make the perfect addition to a desk or bathroom shelf. According to Molly Brown, owner of Springfield Mercantile Co., you can even place it in your fridge to keep the air fresh and clean in between grocery store trips. 

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