Green glass fern vase, $7.99 at Flowerama | Glass cloche, $29.99, table plant, $9.99, both available at Target | Tillandsia air plant, $7.95, Hanging globe planter, $17.95, both available at Wickman’s Garden Village

Muck scrub boots, $84.95 at Garden Adventures Nursery

Oak spade and rake, $2.84 each at Nixa Hardware & Seed Company; Flexrake Classic pruning knife, $14.98 at  Wickman’s Garden Village

Bronze beehive watering can, $45 at Wickman’s Garden Village; Plant mister, $12.99 at Target

Handmade planting journals by Kristi Kinney, $12 at Garden Adventures Nursery

Ivory dotted planter, $24.99 at Flowerama | Birch bark planter, $15 at Garden Adventures Nursery  | Ceramic planter, $37 at Wickman’s Garden Village |  Metallic and bronze planter, $14.95 at Garden Adventures Nursery

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, starting  at $1.50 at MaMa Jean’s Natural Market

Herb garden stakes, $3.50 at Wickman’s Garden Village

Metal watering can, $12 at Garden Adventures Nursery; Mini green watering can, $2.99 at Nixa Hardware & Seed Company

Shrub Guard outdoor plant protectors, $9.86–19.72 at Nixa Hardware & Seed Company