The Great Escape

The Lockharts’ outdoor space is just as much or the adults as it is for the kids.

By Ettie Berneking | Photographed by Jeremy Mason Mcgraw

Mar 2015


View From the Top: Instead of one continuous outdoor space, the Lockhart backyard is designed in a way that creates several distinct sections. The in-ground pool is equipped with a diving board and four shady umbrellas to lounge under, and there’s a firepit and grill area followed by a more traditional dining table setup. Finally, there’s an English-country space that serves as an extended entertaining area. 

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It’s hard to beat having a sparkling blue swimming pool right outside your back door. Sun-lusting teens can invite their friends. The family can stop by for the weekend, and the girls can enjoy a midday cocktail and some R&R poolside. Does it get much better than that?

When the Lockhart family was in the process of building their Springfield home, making sure plans for a spacious back patio and luxurious pool were part of the blueprints was a no-brainer. And it wasn’t just for the kids. The parents, Camille and Alan Lockhart, had their own reasons for wanting a dazzling blue pool. “It’s not just a social setting for the children,” Camille says. “It is also a relaxation for us as well.”

In fact, the pool and beautiful patio area has ended up being an outdoor retreat that even the extended family has enjoyed. During the family’s first Thanksgiving in their new home, the holiday feast spilled out onto the stone back porch as the fun continued late into the night. “We all ended up around the firepit, wrapped up in blankets, roasting marshmallows and sipping on wine telling funny stories,” Camille says.

The idea for the pool was always something Camille had stashed away in her mind. After growing up with a pool at her disposal, she wanted to recreate those fun summer days spent splashing around in the pool for her own kids. And it has worked. Now the Lockharts’ backyard is regularly filled with family and friends, and the list of times spent roasting marshmallows around the firepit is endless. “We’ve had families over for the day to hang out at the pool,” Camille says. “One time we swam, made frozen drinks at the outdoor bar, barbecued and went into the evening with diving competitions and relay races. It was a blast.”

A Place to Unwind: The Lockharts’ back patio has served as a great meeting place for a variety of events from family gatherings to after-school get-togethers



Pops of Color: Camille really loves that the backyard is filled with a plethora of bright flowers and lush green trees. To really make the vibrant green of the trees and grass pop, she plants bright pink and red flowers in all the pots.


All Fired Up: The firepit serves as a regular gathering point for family and friends as bags of marshmallows and hotdogs are roasted year-round.


Face First: 
The red brick used on the facade of the home flowed on to the back patio to unite the two spaces.


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