Where to See Spring Flowers in Phelps Grove

Want to see spring blooms? Follow this floral-inspired walk through the Phelps Grove neighborhood in Springfield.

By Vivian Wheeler

Mar 2018

Lilac Bushes in Phelps Grove Neighborhood
Photo courtesy ShutterstockLovin’ On Lilac: These beauties grow in abundance in the Phelps Grove Neighborhood.

The Phelps Grove neighborhood offers a plethora of fragrant and colorful springtime flowers. Around the Springfield Art Museum, you can find Weeping Willows, a variety of spring-blooming flowers and a huge Beauty Bush, which lives up to its name. A short walk south takes you to the WaterWise Garden. Maintained by the Springfield Master Gardeners, the WaterWise Garden is full of tulips, daffodils and hyacinth flowers in spring. On the north side of the museum, at the corner of Bennett Avenue and Green Avenue, a gorgeous flourish of white peonies lines a white picket fence. Continue heading north along Green Avenue. As you meander down the alleyway, you’ll spot lilac, honeysuckle and forsythia bushes. You can easily while away an afternoon winding down picturesque streets and literally stopping to smell the roses.