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The Wallpaper that Transforms Powder Bathrooms

Ricci and Joe Bonebrake transformed their boring Brentwood bathroom into a chic spot for family and guests using statement wallpaper.

By Rose Marthis

Mar 2018

Ricci Bonebrake's bathroom
Photo by Brandon AlmsThe pink accents in the Bonebrakes’ bath are a fun splash of color in the hallway near the bedrooms in their Brentwood home

Because her hallway bathroom is mainly used by her two daughters, Ricci Bonebrake needed it to be simple, but she didn’t want to sacrifice character or a wow factor because guests also use the space. So she landed on a graphic wallpaper and gold hardware to create a room that would be remembered. After flipping through book after book of wallpaper designs, she just wasn’t finding what she was looking for: a small print that had black in it to connect to the rest of the house, wasn’t geometric and could easily be made feminine. The one that checked all the boxes? Thibaut Tanzania design in black on cream. With gold hardware, the room has a timeless, chic effect that fits perfectly with the rest of her midcentury, boho home.

Go Wild

Small bathrooms are a great place to take risks. Ricci Bonebrake gives us tips on why a bold bathroom is like having the perfect statement necklace.

Good Value 
If you find a wallpaper that you love and it’s on the pricier side, a smaller powder room is a perfect place to use it.

Worth the Risk
If you’re nervous about a bold print, try it in a secondary bath. It’s usually not an area you spend a lot of time in, so if you end up not liking it, it’s not a major project to redo it.

Confidence Boost
Bathrooms are not usually thought of as a pretty place, but getting creative changes that. Plus bold prints and colors make you happy, so getting ready for work or a fun night out surrounded by color will give you a little extra boost.