A Whole New View

Since last December, Brad and Christine Newberry have taken in many beautiful views at their new Estates at Summit Ridge home.

Jun 2013


Lounge Life: Located in the tree-lined Estates at Summit Ridge, the veranda at the Newberrys’ home provides stunning
views year-round.

Since moving into their custom-built home in Estates at Summit Ridge last December, Brad and Christine Newberry have fallen in love with many things. There’s the many windows that provide natural light, and the beauty. Then there’s the fabulous view they get from practically every room on the north side of the house. This shot was captured from the home’s veranda that leads to a multi-tiered pool. This outdoor space provides the Newberrys with a great space to swim with their three kids, Ethan, Matthew and Madison, and to entertain company. The space features a hot tub, a double infinity edge pool complete with a swim-up table, fountains and other water features and a couple of sitting and lounge areas. From the veranda, the Newberrys often spot a variety of birds and wildlife, and they can see far into the surrounding tree-topped hills. “We just love to sit out here, enjoy nature and listen to the water flowing,” Christine says.—Savannah Waszczuk

Photo by Kevin O'Riley