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Inside Highland Springs’ Most Beautiful Kitchens

In 2017, Junior League of Springfield's annual Tour of Kitchens fundraiser showed off some of the most beautiful kitchens in 417-land—all for a good cause.

By Jenna Dejong

Jun 2017

Photo by Brandon AlmsJim and Suzanne Louth's kitchen in Highland Springs Country Club.

To fund some of their projects, every year Junior League of Springfield plans a day full of demonstrations and samples that keep mouths watering from start to finish. In 2017, guests hopped onto a shuttle and were whisked away on an escorted tour to six homes in Highland Springs. During their visit, guests admired the style and architecture of each gorgeous kitchen as local businesses created some of their most loved meals and recipes. Chefs from Metropolitan Farmer, MaMa Jeans Natural Market, Shaker’s Bartending, Barley Wheat & Rye Social House and more were at the ready to cook up crowd favorites or new tasty treats. Guests start the day at 10 a.m. in the parking lot of the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame where a shuttle picks them up and takes them to Highland Springs to begin the tour. At the end of the event, VIP attendees are invited to attend an after party at the Highland Springs Country Club.

tour of kitchens 2017 hicks kitchen

The Hicks Kitchen
Combining Kyle Hicks’s rustic style and Stacy Hicks’s traditional tastes, the couple’s kitchen is a room filled with various shades of browns, blacks and grays. The kitchen is set up for the ultimate hosting—past the large island, the room opens into a larger space set up with a cloth sofa, two chairs, a television, a kitchen table and a piano. The area is the perfect setup for mingling and interacting with the host and hostess as they use their indoor grill, ice maker and trash compactor to serve and delight guests with the tastiest of treats.

tour of kitchens 2017 louth kitchen

The Louth Kitchen
A large kitchen is needed for all of the 18 members of Jim and Suzanne Louth’s family. The kitchen’s floorplan is arranged in such a way that makes hosting and gathering comfortable and functional.
The medium blue island acts as a hub for those who are grazing on delicious snacks; the refrigerator is within easy reach, and a pullout microwave is ready for use at just the touch of a button. A large pantry is set to the side and houses a wine cooler and workstation for whipping up a quick batch of cookies. This secret area is key to  keeping the mess out of view from the rest of the kitchen.

tour of kitchens 2017 hazelrigg kitchen

The Hazelrigg Kitchen
Chris and Jennifer Hazelrigg’s kitchen is organized like a foodie’s dream. Not quite traditional, but not contemporary either, this transitional kitchen is picturesque in tones of white and gray. Pull-out drawers equipped with reinforcements store heavy dishes within reach, and others are lined with built-in utensil organizers. A large white island with granite countertops offers more space to prepare and serve mouthwatering dishes. To top it off, the appliances in the kitchen were picked with careful consideration and the intent to make cooking and baking feel like an art form.

tour of kitchens 2017 miner kitchen

The Miner Kitchen

Fresh is the first word that comes to homeowner Marta Miner when she looks at her combined kitchen and dining room. Inspired by West Coast homes in Los Angeles, Marta and Jeremy Miner ensured their kitchen and dining room are flooded with natural light from the oversized windows. Their kitchen has a light color scheme complete with white countertops, light gray walls and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen is equipped with two islands, one of which houses a wine cooler. The Viking stove has six burners, and sitting below is a double oven, making cooking and preparing food easy and quick.

tour of kitchens 2017 herschend kitchen

The Herschend Kitchen

The first thing you notice in the newly renovated kitchen at Michelle and Austin Herschend’s home is the eye-catching white-and-gray backsplash. Acting as a focal point, the backsplash is a modern twist that compliments the rest of the house’s traditional style. The kitchen itself is spacious and makes for easy interacting. The large island’s black countertop was replaced with white marble, and the room was recently updated with small touches like switching light fixtures and door handles. When you walk in, you can’t miss the gas oven, breakfast nook and a coffee bar with a wine cooler sitting below.

tour of kitchens 2017 matala kitchen

The Mantala Kitchen
This space owned by Dr. Marcelo Mantala and May Lylah Chua-Mantala has the creamy feel of a rustic Italian kitchen. With rich hues of brown, gold and tan, the kitchen’s color scheme and decor make those who walk through feel as though they are entering a different world. Most of the cabinets have glass doors or no doors at all, and on one side, the wall has a large opening looking into the adjoining room. In the center of it all sits an off-white island with a black granite countertop that offers seating to guests while the host and hostess bustle from either end of the kitchen.