Bring a Taste of Morocco to your Home

Inspiration is everywhere, and when making a room look picture perfect, local designers know where to turn for a burst of creativity, even if it comes from unexpected places.

By Sharon Taylor

Jun 2018

Photo by Brandon AlmsStop to admire the historic Sherwin-Williams building, the foundation of our Morocco-inspired space, in downtown Springfield.

Imagine you’ve biked across the countryside of Morocco. You’ve meandered through the souks and are taking refuge in a courtyard surrounded by thick medieval terra cotta walls and archways that peek into Moorish courtyard gardens filled with succulents and fragrant plantings of jasmine, salvia and tangerines. It’s wild, protected and private. You don’t need to plan much to pull off this simple, relaxed vibe. It all starts with inspiration from the historic Sherwin-Williams building, circa 1929, in downtown Springfield. 

Morocco textile
Photos by Brandon AlmsGo global with this decorative piece that makes a great addition to any room. Macrame is an age-old 13th century knot derived from Arabic cultures and was used to keep the flies at bay. Large scale macrame pendant, $160 at Harrison House Market. Purchase Photo
Morocco vase
Photos by Brandon AlmsCarefully curate your entertaining with this intricately painted Peruvian artistic piece. Paired with a brass side table or sitting next to a linen chair, this little gem is bound to spark a conversation. Houseguests will definitely assume you picked it up from one of your world traveling excursions. Hand thrown and painted antique Peruvian vase, $98 at Queen City Flea Market. Purchase Photo
Spanish terra cotta vase
Photos by Brandon AlmsEvery space needs a little life—this vase is just right. Spanish terra cotta vase, $68 at Queen City Flea Market. Purchase Photo
Morocco hanging planter
Photos by Brandon AlmsHand holdable pottery in the perfect muted sea glass shade makes you dream of cool and refreshing Mediterranean waters. Light teal hanging planter, $12 at Queen City Flea Market. Purchase Photo
Bamboo folding chair
Photos by Brandon AlmsCollapsible seagrass folding chairs are perfect for adding a faraway feel to your space. The indoor and outdoor market-like texture is a functionality plus! Vintage bamboo folding chair, $130 at Harrison House Market. Purchase Photo
Brass tray
Photos by Brandon AlmsThis hammered brass and intricately designed tray beautifully displays tall glasses of refreshing mint tea! Vintage brass tray, $12 at Queen City Flea Market. Purchase Photo