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Into the Woods

Bruce Wirtz MacArthur and Susan MacArthur enjoy a variety of sights and sounds at their east Springfield home.

By Savannah Waszczuk

Nov 2013

Photo by Jeremy Mason McGraw

Bruce Wirtz MacArthur and Susan MacArthur have the most perfect spot to relax: their east Springfield home. Located near Pearson’s Creek, the home boasts great scenery, and the interior is just as beautiful thanks to a recent remodel by Sam Butler of SustainaBuilt Construction and architect Geoff Butler of Butler, Rosenbury & Partners. Perhaps the best view in the entire place is out of the living room window, which allows the couple to take in a 180-degree view of nearby woods and the creek. “We can even hear the creek up here,”

Susan says. They see turkey and deer, and they’ve even seen a groundhog before. The couple has plans to possibly expand the deck in the future, but for now, the two enjoy taking in the gorgeous natural beauty of 417-land.