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2016 Homes of the Year

This year's homes of the year are more impressive than ever.

By Ren Bishop

Nov 2016


Builders and designers from all over 417-land send in their best work for our annual Homes of the Year contest. Our region is full of beautiful homes showcasing their expertise. This year we sent the entries to be judged by members of the Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri. They were impressed with the talent coming out of southwest Missouri, and you will be, too. Every year we get to see the best of the best, and this year is no exception. Turn the page to find breathtaking custom homes, modern materials and transformed spaces that anyone would love to come home to, and meet the builders who push the boundaries of creative home building. 

This home by builder Rick Ramsey transforms traditional farm structures like a barn, a silo and a main house into one glamorous living space.

Category: $1,000,000 or more
Homeowners: Anonymous
Winning Builder: Rick Ramsey, Ramsey Building Company, 201 N. Main St., Nixa, 417-725-5545, ramseybuilding.com
Photographer: Randy Colwell

A modern lodge sits atop a hill overlooking a lake, flanked by a luxury pool. Fire pits blaze. Doors open, and eastern light shines on the 20,000-square-foot lodge. This Home of the Year is designed so that its owners will be so content they’ll never want to leave. And with three separate living spaces, why would anyone want to?

“It’s three houses in one, literally,” says home builder Rick Ramsey. “The whole idea was to make it look like an old barn was attached to a silo, which were added onto the main house. The homeowners and I worked together to get the exterior developed and designed to make each look like they were added on at different times.”

Each individual building flows into the next, with particular spaces defined throughout. Above the garage, there’s a bunk house featuring beds for up to 12 guests. In the great room, 24-foot ceilings tower over massive beams of reclaimed pine, and 17-foot-tall windows frame a lush backyard view. 

But the showstopper of the property is a five-story silo, which features different spaces for each level. The top floor serves as a majestic observatory with 360-degree views of rolling hills from one the highest points in 417-land. Throughout each room, corner and level, locally sourced materials are featured. Ramsey and the homeowners consulted two local rock pickers to find the perfect bedrock for the facade. An old walnut tree from the property was stripped and made into flooring for the owner’s office. Oak beams in the hearth room were made from a tree pushed over to make room for the house.

“I spent more time drawing ideas on napkins and on note paper during this project than I really can say,” Ramsey says. “There are so many areas that needed special features, and those details we came up with together. All those napkins made the home come alive.”

OUTDOOR LIVING: The back of this home, built by Rick Ramsey, was meant to be the ultimate entertaining and outdoor retreat. Tons of room allow for family nights and friend gatherings on chilly nights by the fire. 

OBSERVATORY LIVING ROOM: A cozy seating area atop a five-story silo gives guests a front-row seat to the star of the silo: its views. Custom wraparound windows and fun furniture make this space truly one-of-a-kind. 

OBSERVATORY STAIRS: The top floor of the five-story silo offers a stunning panoramic view of the rolling Ozark hills. The spiral staircase that leads down through the silo is made with locally sourced materials, connecting the home to the nature that surrounds it.

CURVED LOFT ENTRYWAY: The curved loft entryway serves as a continuation of the mudroom and is the first floor of the silo. A curved, custom bench provides seating in the quaint space. “Trying to find anything that would fit on a radius wall like that would be a challenge, so there were a couple of levels [where] we built benches to provide extra seating,” says home builder Rick Ramsey.

GREAT ROOM VIEWS: The windows in this expansive great room are 17 feet in height. The natural light illuminates the 24-foot ceilings and massive reclaimed pine trusses below. Plush, comfortable seating in earth tones makes the room feel inviting, and a true wood-burning fireplace invites guests to stay awhile.

This home was designed to be a retreat for the homeowners and their guests. To bring the outside in, one special feature opens the home up to endless entertaining possibilities. “The beautiful kitchen, they have these double doors that completely open up, and all of a sudden, the interior kitchen becomes an outdoor kitchen,” Ramsey says. “Plus, we have these pocket doors on the inside to keep the bugs out. It’s incredible.”

KITCHEN: Modern finishes meet rustic details in this expansive kitchen. An extra-long granite and quartz island provides extra entertaining counter space and seating. Rich, dark wood traditional cabinets are flanked by modern industrial cabinets, adding dimension and definition to the spaces in the large kitchen. “We chose to paint some and stain some, and that added some depth to the kitchen,” Ramsey says.

MASTER BATHROOM: The master bathroom has plenty of room for the homeowners to get ready in the mornings, and continues the modern design scheme. Floating shelves are attached to reclaimed paver brick walls, and the bathroom also features floating vanities. The Reed glass linear tile pattern transitions smoothly into the open shower. 

MASTER BEDROOM: A calming retreat, the master bedroom and its neutral palette allow for custom details to take center stage. Reclaimed oak beams were sourced from oak trees pushed over during the construction of the house. Designer carpet with a modern texture and an all-wood platform bed are luxurious touches in the master suite.

BASEMENT RECREATION ROOM: The basement living spaces provides more room for family and friends to gather. A custom steel mantel gives a modern touch to the wood burning fireplace that features custom masonry and an iron branch decorative detail. This room also plays home to the fish family members, housed in a see-through aquarium. 

BACKYARD: One major design element of the back facade was the addition of a collapsing door wall. “There’s a whole set of doors off the [basement] kitchen,” Ramsey says. “We collapse them, and that indoor kitchen turns into an outdoor kitchen. And I have double pocket doors on either side that you can shut and keep the bugs out.”

SILO: The silo was designed to look like a standalone feature that was added to the main house and barn structures. “We had some landscaping done to try to berm the house,” Ramsey says. “You know with old farmhouses, they’d have a tree pop up next to the house and they wouldn’t cut it down? We wanted to make it look like that.”

FRONT FACADE: The modern lodge was designed to look like three unique spaces combined in one: a barn, a main house and a silo combined over time. Rocks sourced from various parts of the Ozarks provided a base, and reclaimed wood beams from textile mills in the Carolinas provided the frame of the unique, grand home.


Resource Listing: More Than $1 Million, Rick Ramsey Building Company

Designer: Me and My House, 3405 E. Battlefield, Suite 128, Springfield; 417-720-1291
Plans: Buxton Kubik Dodd Creative, 1435 E. Bradford Parkway, Suite 100; 417-890-5543
Electrical: Davis Electric, 1615 N. State Hwy. CC, Nixa; 417-725-9205
Plumbing Harry Cooper Supply Company, 605 N. Sherman Pkwy., Springfield; 417-865-8392
HVAC: Comfort Mechanical LLC, 6431 E. Ridgeline Drive, Springfield; 417-827-3422
Cabinets: Cabinet Concepts by Design, 4123 State Hwy. H, Springfield; 417-725-3400
Countertops: Ozark Mountain Granite & Tile Company, 6001 N. 21st St., Ozark; 417-581-4600
Hardware: National Home Products of Springfield, 2726 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield; 417-731-3220
Doors/Windows: Meek’s, Multiple 417-land locations
Carpet: Midwest Rug Company, 911 W. Sunshine St., Springfield; 417-869-3030
Stone/Tile: Midwest Rug Company, 911 W. Sunshine St., Springfield; 417-869-3030
Wood Floors: Ramsey Building Company, 201 N. Main St., Nixa; 417-725-5545
Custom Woodwork: Tru Construction; 417-689-6593
Paint/Painters/Decorative Paint Contractor: Wonder-Faux Finishes, P.O. Box 475, Bolivar; 417-298-0296
Appliances: Metro Appliances & More, 3252 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield; 417-833-1113
Garage Doors: Renner Supply, 3252 N. Glenstone Ave., Suite B-100, Springfield; 417-986-2306
Landscaping: Myron Royce Gardens, 430 Shady Oaks Drive, Ozark; 417-443-2648
Pool Company: Springfield Pool & Spa, 3117 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield; 417-883-8827
Furniture: Me and My House, 3405 E. Battlefield, Suite 128, Springfield; 417-720-1291
Architectural Moldings: Meek’s, Multiple 417-land locations
Lighting: The Light House Gallery, 4113 S. National Ave., Springfield; 417-889-1088
Audio/Visual: ForresterTech, 602 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield; 417-864-8324



When the homeowners wanted a home with plenty of light and wide open spaces, they called in Adrian Rhoads and Susie Wieland to create this fresh and modern farmhouse.

Category: $750,000–1,000,000
Homeowners: Anonymous
Winning Builder: Adrian Rhoads, Rhoads Design & Construction, 1435 S. Enterprise Ave., Springfield, 417-889-6000, rhoadscompany.com
Photographer: Starboard & Port Creative

More than 150 craftsmen, trade professionals, builders and designers worked to build this clean, modern farmhouse. Their work shines in every corner of the sleek but simple residence in east Springfield.

The exterior features a stunning white board and batton facade with a galvanized aluminum roof. The house was strategically placed in the back of the property to make use of the property’s views. To maximize impact, designer Susie Wieland of Wieland Studio LLC created outdoor living spaces on the home’s spacious front porch.

“It was a very different design process, creating that outdoor living space for the front of the house,” Wieland says. “The homeowner wanted a space to entertain that would feature that view, and it was a living space they knew they wanted.”

The homeowners were set on featuring specific views of the property in each space, so they strategically planned each room with its view in mind. The house is filled with natural light from the home’s oversized windows and doors. But each space is defined by a specific set of details, says builder Adrian Rhoads, owner of Rhoads Design & Construction. “I think the way all the details with the cabinetry, trim and stone come together, they help you realize you’re in each space,” he says. 

“But there aren’t any walls, so it keeps that open floor plan and allows the spaces to flow together at the same time.”

Creative uses with common materials helped reinforce unique spaces in the farmhouse. The material selection and installation of the cultured stone create a show-stopping accent wall in the great room surrounding the fireplace. Rough sawn wood planks, an unassuming building material, were whitewashed to serve as ceiling panels.

“They wanted a house that was very clean with light colors and white walls,” Wieland says. “She wanted everything to be very clean, no fussy details, no rustic finishes even though it was a farmhouse. We wanted to keep it very clean, and we did.”

KITCHEN: The modern farmhouse kitchen features a unique detail of the home: a curved copper hood fabricated by Advanced Metal Fabricators in Springfield. The kitchen hood was custom designed by Rhoads’s team and was mocked up on-site with the owner’s guidance to ensure that the proportions and curve were correct. A neutral color palette surrounding the hood makes the one-of-a-kind piece even more striking.

 FAMILY ROOM: A little less formal and a lot more cozy, the family room is designed with living in mind. “It’s a place where the kids can relax and still be close to the kitchen without being in the large, formal space of the living room,” Rhoads says.  

STUDIO: The family wanted a multi-function space that could transition for a variety of activities. For play and exercise, the floor features a true sports hardwood floor. “That floor makes it a little bouncier and provides a little more give,” says Rhoads. “It’s made for yoga or ballet, but if you were dancing or jumping, it’s going to be easier on the ankles.”

MASTER BEDROOM: Rough-sawn wood ceiling planks featured in the living room appear again in the master suite. The wood ceiling is one of the many features from the living room carried over in the master, including the cultured stone wall, stained wood floors and cool gray tones. A vaulted ceiling makes the space feel grand, but soft knit textiles, an upholstered chair and a tufted headboard add comfort.

DINING ROOM: The dining room sits right off the kitchen. The space was strategically placed to receive western light from the nearby double doors and windows. “By placing an awning over the western dining room doors, you get to experience some of that light without having it right on you,” Rhoads says.

FRONT PORCH: The owners wanted the main facade of their farmhouse to have a classic design and modern finishes. Clean white siding and a galvanized aluminum roof are reminiscent of century-old farmhouses. And like any good farmhouse, the front porch is a welcoming space. “The front porch has a lot of entertaining space, which was really important to the homeowners,” says builder Adrian Rhoads.

BOYS' BATHROOM: Designer Susie Wieland designed this bathroom for the two children to share with function and fun in mind. Tiles in the tile wall subtly vary in sizes and in pattern, creating a fun geometric detail in the sleek space. “Those little subtle changes, most people might not notice at first, but it makes the space feel good,” Rhoads says.

KIDS ROOM: Custom beds with integrated cabinetry, electrical and lighting were designed and fabricated for the children living in this modern farmhouse. For flair, the kids each got to pick their own color for an accent wall. “The homeowners knew that the boys wanted to be in the same bedroom, but they still needed privacy,” says designer Susie Wieland. “So the beds and separate spaces provided that. Letting the boys pick out their favorite colors for accent walls allowed for some personalization.”

BACK PATIO: The back patio features intimate entertaining spaces. But at any time the family can bring the outside in with large, sliding double doors that create an enlarged opening. “With the double doors that open, you can almost make the interior living room an exterior space,” Rhoads says.

Oversized windows and doors throughout provide an abundance of natural light and were an investment in every room, says builder Adrian Rhoads of Rhoads Design & Construction. “Windows can be expensive, so it’s easy to reduce the quantity or size. But the natural light is by far worth the investment.”

LIVING ROOM VIEWS: Light cascades into the open-concept space from the room’s oversized windows. The height of the main living area sets it apart from the kitchen, which features lower ceilings. “The difference in height between the kitchen and the main living room helps to better define those spaces without putting up any walls,” Rhoads says. “Plus, lower ceilings help make the kitchen feel more intimate.”


Resource Listing: $750,000 to $1 Million, Rhoads Design & Construction

Designer: Wieland Studio, LLC, 417-894-2666
Plans: Wieland Studio, LLC, 417-894-2666
Miller Engineering, P.C., 3827 S. Timbercreek Ave., Ste. A, Springfield; 417-866-6664
Electrical: J&J Lighting and Electrical Co., 333 S. Union Ave., Springfield; 417-869-8100
Plumbing: Draper Plumbing, 417-844-7501
Harry Cooper Supply Company, 605 N. Sherman Pkwy., Springfield; 417-865-8392
HVAC: Signature Home Comfort, 669 N. Miller Rd., Springfield; 417-862-3410
Cabinets: Buchholz Custom Woodworks, 21647 Lawrence 2230, Aurora; 417-846-5189
Countertops: Unique Tile, 1364 Kelly Ave., Nixa; 417-725-5515
Phenix Marble Company, 431 S. Jefferson Ave., Ste. 250, Springfield; 417-840-2281
Hardware: Hardware National Home Products, 2726 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield; 417-731-3220
Doors/Windows: Meek’s, multiple 417-land locations
Stone/Tile: The Carpet Shoppe, 1827 E. Seminole St., Springfield; 417-883-6455
Fraley Masonry, 2726 N. Biagio St., Ozark; 417-582-1715
Wood Floors: Bold Wood Floors, 22129 Lawrence 2210, Aurora; 417-678-4728
Custom Woodwork: Rhoads Design & Construction, 1435 S. Enterprise, Springfield; 417-889-6000
Custom Stairways: Mark Allen, 417-840-0087
Carpentry: Decker Building & Developing, 3658 State Highway 86, Lampe; 417-779-1254
Beams/Restored Wood Products: Buchholz Custom Woodworks, 21647 Lawrence 2230, Aurora; 417-846-5189
Paint/Painters/Decorative Painting: B Precision Painting, 417-827-1415
Wall Paper/Coverings: Covergirls Wallcoverings, 417-830-2124
Appliances: Metro Appliances & More, 3252 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield; 417-833-1113
Garage Doors: Overhead Door Company of Springfield, 707 N. Grant Ave., Springfield; 417-862-9339
Furniture: Ellecor Design & Gifts, 2144 E. Republic Road, Springfield; 417-720-2602
Architectural Moldings: The Millwork Shoppe, 2115 N. Sports Complex Lane, Nixa; 417-725-5220
Lighting: Wieland Studio, LLC, 417-894-2666
Audio/Visual: Teocalli Custom, 417-830-9345
Custom Metal Work: Advanced Metal Fabricators, Inc., 1050 E. Lynn St., Springfield; 417-873-9696
Specialty Products: American Glass, 2801 N. LeCompte, Springfield; 417-866-8361 
Maschino's, 1715 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield; 417-869-1513
Taylor Marble, 1660 Skyline Ave., Ozark; 417-581-6888



After having lived in homes that were already built their whole lives, the Schallers decided to start from scratch and create the home of their dreams, and they turned to Jason Bekebrede to make those dreams a reality.

Category: $500,000 –750,000
Homeowners: Michael and Karen Schaller
Winning Builder: Jason Bekebrede, Monticello Custom Homes & Remodeling, 835 E. Powell St., Springfield, 417-860-7873, homesbymonticello.com
Photographer: Randy Colwell

​Michael and Karen Schaller had always owned houses that were built before they moved in. With their two daughters grown, the Schallers wanted to invest in a forever home that was traditional but featured custom elements just for them, says Jason Bekebrede, owner of Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling.

“They wanted to move to more of a retirement house,” he says. “It’s not smaller than their previous home, but it’s all on one level, and it’s something more fitting to them. It was designed to be their dream house.”

The traditional home in Strafford features classic details: earth-toned colors, graceful arches and pillars, white cabinetry and rich wood floors. But its extra-special details make it extraordinary. Mike’s office features wrap-around cabinetry, custom built to match an antique desk from the early 1900s he found at Relics Antique Mall.

“Mike’s office is right off the front door, and it has glass doors, so you can see it right when you enter the home,” Bekebrede says. “It’s beautiful, and it makes a huge impact.”

Karen requested a special stone accent wall featuring shelving for votive candles in the dining room. Bekebrede guided the process, working to incorporate the shelves into the drywall. Masons worked with Bekebrede and Karen to ensure that the shelving was just right. For added richness in the home, a spacious master bath and shower featuring custom tile work made the space a retreat.

But all was designed to age in place, says Bekebrede. “We did a lot of things to make the house as energy efficient as possible, like adding foam insulation and adding a dehumidifier to keep humidity in the house between 40 and 55 percent,” he says. “But with the design of the house, we did three-foot doorways and tried to minimize the number of steps in from the garage. No matter if you’re 20 or 70, it’s more comfortable if your house temperature is regular and there are fewer stairs.”

LIVING ROOM: Warm tones, plush seating and a glowing fire give the living room a cozy feel. Oversized windows stand on their own, welcoming in the light from the home’s lush backyard. Floating shelves and custom cabinetry provide plenty of storage spaces to showcase family photos and personal mementos.

EXTERIOR: A multi-material front facade provides a dramatic first impression for guests at the Schaller Custom Home. Homeowner Karen Schaller worked with builder Jason Bekebrede of Monticello Custom Homes & Remodeling to pick the perfect shade of green for the house. “Throughout the process, she wanted a green house, and that’s what we ended up with,” says Bekebrede.

MUDROOM: The mudroom with a bench and hooks off the garage features a landing spot and storage area for shoes, bags and groceries for the homeowners. But a custom detail keeps any potential mess confined. “Glass with a privacy element was added to keep that area and its entrance private for the homeowners,” Bekebrede says.

MASTER BATH: The Schallers large master en suite is a retreat for the couple. The bathroom features a custom vanity, featuring rich, dark wooden cabinetry, granite countertops and modern light fixtures. Floating shelves above the custom tub deck provide a modern touch above the large soaker tub.

POWDER BATH: Warm, creamy colors brighten up the powder bath. A low splash sink provides a modern touch to the traditional powder room, and a wooden vanity brings a traditional element to the small space. Metallic details in the light fixture and mirror bring a modern look, and greenery makes the space feel inviting. 

Homeowner Michael Schaller’s custom office was the splurge of the home, says builder Jason Bekebrede. He helped make Schaller's dream come to life. “It had a lot of woodwork, but Mike had always wanted a kind of shelf-wrapped office, so he was pretty dead-set on what he wanted. And this is what he wanted.”

DINING ROOM: A truly custom feature of the home, the stone wall in the home’s dining room was specially requested by homeowner Karen Schaller. “She had a picture from something she had seen online, and that helped us get an idea of what she wanted,” Bekebrede says. Masons worked with Bekebrede and Karen to ensure that the custom stone shelving in the space featured just the right width to set a pillar candle.

ALDER WOOD OFFICE: Homeowner Michael Schaller had always dreamed of a home office with plenty of cabinetry and shelving. But when he discovered an antique desk a few years ago, he knew that when he built a house, it would be the focal point of his future home office. “We designed and built the office around Mike’s desk,” Bekebrede says. “He works from home, so we wanted to make a space that he would enjoy spending a lot of time in. I think we did that.”


Resource Listing: $500,000 to $750,000, Monticello Custom Homes & Remodeling

Designer: Homeowner and Builder
Plans: Dale Peer - Home Design, Inc., 1200 E. Woodhurst Dr., K-100, Springfield; 417-889-3545
Electrical: J&J Lighting and Electrical Co,. 333 S. Union Ave., Springfield; 417-869-8100
Plumbing: J & J Plumbing & Heating Company, 1418 N. Park Ave., Springfield; 417-862-4729
HVAC: Symbiont Services, 501 E Mount Vernon St., Nixa; 417-443-1550
Cabinets: Cabinet Concepts by Design, 4123 State Hwy. H, Springfield; 417-725-3400
Countertops: Custom Granite & Tile LLC, 1445 W. Chestnut Expy., Springfield; 417-864-0999
Hardware: Meek’s, Multiple 417-land locations
Doors/Windows: Meek’s, Multiple 417-land locations
Carpet: The Carpet Shoppe, 1827 E. Seminole St., Springfield; 417-883-6455
Stone/Tile: Missouri Tile, 3045 S. Scenic Ave., Springfield; 417-889-8453
Wood Floors: Classic Wood Floors, 523 W. Plainview Rd., Springfield; 417-882-7666
Custom Woodwork: J&M Custom Carpentry Inc., 1339 Hawthorne Rd., Highlandville; 417-839-7148
Paint/Painters/Decorative Paint Contractor: Spectrum Paint, Multiple 417-land locations
Don Evans Painting Co., 417-209-4401
Appliances: Metro Appliances & More, 3252 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield; 417-833-1113
Garage Doors: Brookline Doorworks, 308 W Lakewood St., Springfield; 417-883-3667
Landscaping: M&M Landscaping, 417-861-8141
Architectural Moldings: Meek’s, Multiple 417-land locations
Lighting: The Light House Gallery, 4113 S. National Ave., Springfield; 417-889-1088; 218 S. Commercial Ave., Branson; 417-334-2175
Audio/Visual: rAVe Design Services, 3200 N. State Highway NN, Ozark; 417-447-3344
Back Deck: Southern Supply, 3216 E Division St., Springfield; 417-866-3551
Other Suppliers: Screenmobile of the Ozarks, 1821 W. Sunset St., Springfield; 417-883-4114
Fraley Masonry 2726 N. Biagio, Ozark; 417-582-1715




Terry and Andrea Ebbrecht trusted Rick Ramsey to create this one-of-a-kind modern house with all of the warm accents and functional design to make it feel like home.

Category: Less than $500,000
Homeowners: Terry and Andrea Ebbrecht
Winning Builder: Rick Ramsey, Ramsey Building Company, 201 N. Main St., Nixa, 417-725-5545, ramseybuilding.com
Photographer: Randy Colwell

Corten metal, cinder block and stucco—and that’s just the facade of the house. The Ebbrecht Residence in Rogersville is an uncommon home. But that’s exactly how the family wanted it from the beginning, says builder Rick Ramsey, owner of Ramsey Building Company. 

“They came to the HBA Home Show and walked through my booth,” Ramsey says. “I waved hello but I didn’t get a chance to talk to them. They called me on Monday to set up an appointment. I ended up building their house and their parents’ house pretty much at the same time.”

During that first meeting, the Ebbrechts had a clear vision for what they wanted in their home: an industrial, modern design. They wanted something that stood out but would be functional for their lifestyle and their two kids.

“They like things really unique, really different,” Ramsey says. “It’s not overly large, and we spent most of our money in the areas that counted.”

To give that industrial feel, metallic elements were included throughout the home. With the steel I-beams in the living room and the hammered zinc countertop, sleekness carries throughout the house. To contrast it, splashes of bold color in fixtures and the use of wood warm up each room. Reclaimed wood flooring found from old factories sets a stage, and sliding wood doors made from a beam from a textile mill in the Carolinas are dueling points of interest in the living room.

The space looks modern and contemporary, with an open-concept floor plan featuring places to entertain and play. The home came to fruition with the keen oversight of Ramsey Building’s general manager Matt Foster.  

“We designed it to be quirky, and it is unusual,” Ramsey says. “It’s outside the box, but it flows really well. The floor plan is great. Sometimes people want to do a modern home, but it’s such a funky floor plan that it’s not even usable space. But that wasn’t the case here.”

GREAT ROOM: Regardless of the home’s industrial aesthetic, the Ebbrechts wanted their home to be comfortable for their family of four. Oversized corner windows in the great room provide a window to the outdoors. Plush leather couches bring an air of coziness. And for an escape, a sliding door made of reclaimed beams provides privacy for the rooms behind it.

KITCHEN ISLAND: One of the true stars of the great room is the kitchen’s hammered zinc countertop. The custom piece by C&R Metal Works serves as the space's focal point. A metal hood and accents on a sliding barn door are eye-catching details, complementing the metallic theme of the kitchen. But a playful, bright backsplash and cherry red barstools bring whimsy and fun to the heart of the home.

MASTER SUITE: Less is more in this master suite. Rich hardwood floors and luscious copper tones provide an air of luxury to the space. A simple headboard with metallic details complements the rich tones of a bold accent wall, while the copper in the full-length mirror brings a metallic detail to the space.

ENTRYWAY: The turquoise front door brings a splash of bold color to the home’s industrial-inspired entryway. A functional bench with complementing hooks flanks the front door, providing guests and the Ebbrecht kids a place to land. Reclaimed wood floors sourced from Illinois warm the space, and contemporary art with bright colors contrasts with the space’s soft, gray tones.

LIVING ROOM: A turquoise door welcomes guests into the home’s open great room. A variety of cool metals and warm wood grains create contrast, but the beauty lies in the details. Reclaimed beams from the Carolinas make up the oversized sliding barn door to separate spaces. A steel beam overhead serves as a functional but stylish accent in the industrial-inspired space.

MASTER BATH: The simplicity of the master bath makes it so striking. A neutral and clean color palette gives a calming effect to the space. A long cultured marble countertop with his and her sinks and contemporary fixtures gives the space a functional but modern feel. Light is brought into the space by a large round skylight.

BACK VIEW: The walk-out basement meets a large slab of concrete in the Ebbrechts’ backyard. The extra-large flat surface was constructed with the family’s two kids in mind. “They wanted a place where they can play and entertain,” Ramsey says. “With all that flat surface, the possibilities are really endless for what they can do with it.”

A special feature on the exterior of the Ebbrecht residence made the home shine—literally. “Corten was definitely a splurge for the house,” Ramsey says. “We only used it in this one place because it was so expensive, but it definitely makes an impact. It’ll have that rust color for a long time, but it’ll never corrode.”

EXTERIOR: The Ebbrechts knew they wanted a house that wasn’t typical. The home’s facade matches the home’s out-of-the-box, industrial design. A variety of high- and low-end materials make up the facade of the home. Cinder blocks and stucco make up the structure of the home, and corten, a metal that rusts but doesn’t corrode, shines in the light.


Resource Listing: Less than $500,000, Rick Ramsey Building Company

Plans: J.L. Thompson, 966 Bear Creek Road, Walnut Shade; 417-334-3582
Electrical: Davis Electric, 1615 N. State Hwy. CC, Nixa; 417-725-9205
Plumbing Harry Cooper Supply Company, 605 N. Sherman Pkwy., Springfield; 417-865-8392
Precision Plumbing 806 Heritage Road, Strafford; 417-840-4926
HVAC: Comfort Mechanical LLC, 6431 E. Ridgeline Drive, Springfield; 417-827-3422
Cabinets: Cabinet Concepts by Design, 4123 State Hwy. H, Springfield; 417-725-3400
Countertops: C&R Metal Works, 1342 N. Nias Ave., Springfield; 417-863-8801
Taylor Marble, 1660 Skyline Ave., Ozark; 417-581-6888
Hardware: National Home Products of Springfield, 2726 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield; 417-731-3220
Rustica Hardware, 1520 N. Main St., Springville, Utah; 1-800-891-8312
Doors/Windows: Meek’s, Multiple 417-land locations
Jamerson Doors 615 N. Rogers Ave., Springfield; 417-866-4033
Carpet: Midwest Rug Company, 911 W. Sunshine St., Springfield; 417-869-3030
Stone/Tile: Midwest Rug Company, 911 W. Sunshine St., Springfield; 417-869-3030
Wood Floors: Midwest Rug Company, 911 W. Sunshine St., Springfield; 417-869-3030
Custom Woodwork: Tru Construction, 417-689-6593
Paint/Painters/Decorative Paint Contractor: Wonder-Faux Finishes, 417-298-0296
Appliances: Metro Appliances & More, 3252 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield; 417-833-1113
Garage Doors: Renner Supply Company, 3252 N. Glenstone Ave. Suite B-100, Springfield; 417-833-1201 3397 Old Route 5, Camdenton; 573-346-1020
Landscaping: Elite Outdoor Innovations, 5677 E Farm Rd. 170, Rogersville; 417-885-9898
Lighting: The Light House Gallery, 4113 S. National Ave., Springfield; 417-889-1088; 218 S. Commercial Ave., Branson; 417-334-2175
Audio/Visual: Teocalli Custom, 417-830-9345



This year we enlisted the help of members of the Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri to judge the contest. 


Mark W. Rasch 

BenchMark Custom HomesWest County St. Louis, 314-503-7760

Mark W. Rasch is a 25-year veteran custom builder with deep experience building in St. Louis’s prime neighborhoods. He specializes in building Craftsman-style homes and is a long-standing member of the Home Builder’s Association, allowing him to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, products and building trends. BenchMark Custom Homes provides new living with all the latest conveniences in established communities. 



Amie Riggs, CGR, CAPS 

Riggs Construction & DesignSt. Louis, 314-821-7646

Amie Riggs is now the co-owner of Riggs Construction, after starting in 1996 and serving as office assistant, selections specialist, vice president and sales manager. Her experience in the family business makes her a trusted expert for overseeing sales, design, marketing and strategic vision for the company. As a life-long resident of Kirkwood, she serves the community on the Remodelers Council Steering Committee, among others, in the Home Builder’s Association. 



Cindy Roeser, CGP, CAPS 

Roeser Home RemodelingSt. Louis, 314-822-0839

Cindy Roeser started her remodeling business with her husband, Joe, in 1985, and their company has continued to grow over the last 31 years. She has always had a love for design and appreciates all styles but identifies the most with Transitional. She and her husband joined the Remodelers Advantage Roundtables group to gain experience in the field and change the way they do business. Now, their daughter Brandi has joined the family business as a designer.