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Airbnb Offers a Quick Winter Getaway

Winter can be glum, so why not shake up the ho-hum life with a little escape? If you don’t want to plan a big vacation, take a mini one in your own backyard by using Airbnb. Airbnb rentals range in personality from funky to fancy.

Nov 2016

Heat Things Up: The Tudor Cottage Airbnb is equipped with a wood-burning fireplace to warm away the winter blues. 

Where It Is: 
Tudor Cottage in Historic Walnut Street Area

What It Costs: $100 per night

Why We Love It: This cozy cottage is owned by Springfield artist Julie Blackmon, who originally bought the house to use as a studio space. 

Why You Should Stay: It’s beautifully decorated with marble countertops, furniture draped in furs, stunning art and several chandeliers. Plus this budget-friendly escape sits on a quiet cul-de-sac and is within walking distance of Downtown Springfield for dinner getaways or shopping trips. 

Where It Is: Loft on Historic Commercial Street

What It Costs: $200 per night

Why We Love It: This loft is huge—2,500 square feet with four bedrooms—so it’s perfect for multiple couples or families who don’t want to split up into hotel rooms (and at the price, it’s significantly less expensive than booking four rooms). If you have a group in town for an event or wedding, this is an ideal place to rent. Plus, the space is groovy with an open floor plan and large living room area.

Why You Should Stay: Location, location, location. Commercial Street continues to evolve, and this loft is within walking distance of many restaurants, White River Brewing Co., art galleries galore, shopping and live music venues. Sounds like a great weekend.


Where It Is: Cedar Creek Lodge in Branson 

What It Costs: $190 per night

Why We Love It: This lodge is close to Highway 76 but is nestled in a valley so you feel secluded. It’s close enough to easily enjoy Branson’s attractions but feels private, too.

Why You Should Stay: Aside from the location, this place has great amenities: a cozy front porch to sip coffee in the morning, a screened-in deck, access to an indoor pool and three bedrooms with king-size beds so you can take a family or make it a couples’ getaway. Wood accents in the interior give it a quaint feel.


Where It Is: Wherever you want to park this luxury sportscoach RV

What It Costs: $289 per night

Why We Love It: If you’ve never driven a 41-foot RV, don’t worry; the owner will drive it and park it for you. Then you can just hang out on the shores of Table Rock Lake, for example, or your favorite trout fishing spot. The owner bought it last year and decided to Airbnb it to help cover some of his costs. 

Why You Should Stay:  There’s nothing outdated about this sportscoach RV—it’s glamorous all the way. It has an electric fireplace, beautiful kitchen with backsplash, modern furnishings, a fabulous refrigerator and shower and other amenities. It sleeps four. An RV is a great way to connect with loved ones and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Note: Prices and availability subject to change.