Cozy up Your Home with an Evergreen Theme

This winter, we’re drawing inspiration from one of the stars of the season: the evergreen tree.

Written and Styled by Tessa Cooper

Dec 2018

Evergreen Mood Board
Photo by Tessa Cooper, Brandon Alms

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When winter decorates the Ozarks with pale shades of gray, we look to evergreen trees for inspiration and subtle pops of color. These trees come in luxurious shades and hues of green that never seem to clash with one another. In this region, these trees keep us company in their full splendor year-round, reminding us that there’s still life in nature. Next time you see a pine, spruce or cedar tree, we invite you to soak in its beauty for a moment. 

Bringing evergreens indoors isn’t just for Christmas. You can draw inspiration from a winter forest to add new life to your home. Deep shades of green, light shades of turquoise and warm hues of brown create a rich and calming color palette. Add a few statement pieces of gold to mimic the golden hour in the forest, and you’ll have a sophisticated and timeless room. Don’t forget to light a pine candle or some cedar incense for some added ambiance. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite resources to capture the look.