A Favorite to Follow: Mandy Lynn Booher

Springfieldian Mandy Lynne Booher’s Instagram is a perfect follow for anybody who loves to embrace the simple beauty in everyday moments at home.

By Katie Pollock Estes

Dec 2018

Mandy Lynne Booher
Photo courtesy Mandy Lynne BooherFollow Mandy Lynne Booher @mandylynne_ and embrace the simple beauty in everyday moments at home.

gloves in the snow

Follow for the Nostalgia 

Mandy Lynne Booher says she’s drawn to a dreamy, vintage style in her professional work with photography studio Mandy Lynne Imagerie. This picture feels like childhood and Christmas rolled into one, with the striking nostalgic contrast of red mittens on the white snow.

little girl adds ornaments to a Christmas tree

Follow for the Sweet Moments 

Life with kids can be messy and chaotic, but Mandy Lynne, who has three kids ages 3 to 18, manages to distill it down to moments like this one. She shares an endearing scene that captures the simple joys of family life at home.

making homemade cookies

Follow for the Everyday Beauty 

Everyday moments and simple rituals like baking cookies are shown in compositions that make them look as beautiful as they are attainable. No flour mess here! And there is the perfect touch of holiday color with that little bowl of cranberries.


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