Deck Your Front Door with a Holiday Wreath

When you’re hanging lights on your house this season, don’t forget to add some Christmas cheer to your front door as well.

By Tessa Cooper

Dec 2018

Christmas wreath
Photo by Brandon AlmsJuniper berry wreath; $119 at The Thicket Purchase Photo

Nothing says “welcome home” quite like a holiday wreath. With a busy winter to-do list, you might not have the time to make your own wreath. Luckily, three of our favorite local shops have got you covered. When scouting for wreaths, we looked for ones with bright, festive ribbons that dazzle from the curb. However, if you want a more organic, subtle wreath, you can’t go wrong with the birch branch wreath from Flora and Fern. Plus, you can keep this wreath up all throughout winter. When choosing a wreath, think of the color of your front door. If you have a natural wood door, the pine cone wreath from The Thicket matches perfectly. The juniper berry wreath from The Thicket looks great on nearly any door, but it especially complements doors painted in cool tones like gray or blue,

Make Your Very Own Wreath

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Cassie Hartman, owner of Ozark Mtn Flower Truck, is lending her creative talents once again with her Holiday Wreath Workshop, happening this month. Join her at Culture Flock as she shows you the ins and outs of wreath making as you enjoy hot chocolate and listen to some holiday tunes.