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History That Never Grows Old

Renovations to Tina Keith’s historic farmhouse made for many surprises along the way and a beautiful finished product.

By Jo Jolliff

Jun 2022

Tina Keith
Photo by Brandon AlmsTina Keith and her husband, Ron, spent more than a year taking on major renovations. Keith kept track of the renovations in a notebook with pictures of other homes that inspired her style. Purchase Photo

When the opportunity arose to return to their hometown, Tina Keith and her husband, Ron, jumped at the chance and purchased an 1800s farmhouse. They were excited to give it some TLC. “We knew that it needed quite a bit of updating and since buying it, pretty much everything in the house has been touched, everything torn back to its original layers,” Keith says. In the process of peeling back the many layers of the house, there were some disappointments, like that the original pine floors were too far gone to be salvaged, but they also uncovered many surprises like beautiful exposed brick in the master bedroom and a fireplace in the living room. “The most exciting part of the renovation was discovering a fireplace that was walled up,” Keith says. “It was so rustic and raw. I was like okay this is going to be the centerpiece of this room for sure, and discovering it kind of helped to drive my inspiration for the rest of the house.” 

While renovating upstairs, they discovered a closet that had been sealed off and walled up with treasures hidden inside, locked up like their very own time capsule, with the original wallpaper, old spools and a bonnet sitting inside. 

Fireplace living room
Photos by Brandon AlmsThe previous owner said he thought there used to be a fireplace in the living room. After finding evidence of a hearth, the Keiths immediately started hammering and discovered what is now their favorite feature of the historic home. Purchase Photo
Front door
Photos by Brandon AlmsKeith updated her Instagram followers throughout the remodel with beautiful photos of her decor and designs @delightedwiththedetails. Purchase Photo
Photos by Brandon AlmsThere were three bedrooms upstairs, and the Keiths turned one of them into a bathroom attached to the main bedroom. Purchase Photo
Sun room
Photos by Brandon AlmsFor their sunroom, Keith laid brick pavers in a herringbone pattern with heavy mud to match the antique style. Purchase Photo
Bathroom sink
Photos by Brandon AlmsKeith focused on keeping the house light and airy with a bright color palette to balance out the farmhouse antique style.

After the renovations were complete, the Keiths invited back the homes previous owners, excited for them to see their findings and uncover more about the history of the home. From the previous owners, they learned that the farmhouse was built sometime in the 1800s and was used as a field hospital during the Civil War. “It was cool to see their reaction to what we’ve done and to hear their stories,” she says. 

The Keiths worked hard to stay true to the history of the home, salvaging all that they could and keeping a style that balances rustic elegance. They continue to use the house for its original purpose, as a farmhouse, raising beef cattle on the land and growing flowers around the home so friends can come make fresh bouquets, keeping the home a place filled with life and friendship.