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  • Modern Day Metal Workers

    Meet three artists who have made metal memorable.

  • Inspirational Arts

    The living room of Clint and Aviya Pace is centered on art that hits home.

  • A Collection of Memories

    For Paula Adams, decorating for the holidays means so much more than putting up a tree. Adams is collecting a...

  • Airbnb Offers a Quick Winter Getaway

    Winter can be glum, so why not shake up the ho-hum life with a little escape? If you don’t want to plan a big...

  • Green Galore

    Your Christmas tree isn’t the only way to incorporate some natural-looking greenery into your home. Cathy...

  • Building a Coffee Table

    When Abby Gust and Josh Hutter wanted a coffee table for their living room, they decided to tackle the project...

  • Overhaul For The Office

    Recently retired Missouri State University professor Michele Granger transformed an old wooden desk into a...

  • Sideline Shindig

    Every year for more than 20 years running, football family the Ballards throws a Super Bowl party free of fouls...

  • Insider's Scoop on Apple Cider

    Learn about the tangy drink’s appeal and options to produce a homemade batch from a pair of experts who know...

  • Cooking Up Some Comfort

    Whether you’re making a cozy weeknight meal or cooking up a storm to feed the masses during a Sunday football...

  • Girlfriends Giving Back

    Anna Whitaker and Logan Aguirre host a cocktail party combined with doing good. The two enlist friends to help a...

  • Broc Your Socks Off

    A local farmer shares how to grow the best broccoli in our 417-land climate, and we share four locally created...

  • The New Rustic

    If you’re looking to add a subtle vintage, country influence to your home, rustic accessories work well when...

  • Transform Your Space With Texture

    Whether you want a major overhaul or just a subtle change to your living space, you can make it happen by...

  • Plaid Guys Pillow Company

    What started as a casual art project turned into a thriving business, prompting two local businessmen to close...

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  • 2016 Homes of the Year

    This year's homes of the year are more impressive than ever.

  • 2015 Homes of the Year

    Let us take you inside four of 417-land’s most impressive dwellings, designed by builders who knew just how to...

  • 2014 Homes of the Year

    From a stately English Manor to a home boasting a plethora of Old-World flare, these homes are among the most...

  • 2013 Homes of the Year

    Take a look at these hand-crafted masterpieces, then start planning your own dream home.

  • 2012 Homes of the Year

    From one-of-a-kind architecture and hidden bookshelves to custom mouldings and fully decked-out media rooms,...

  • 2010 Homes of the Year

    The most-beautiful new homes in 417-land prove beautiful homes are a way of life, no matter what year it is.

  • 2008 Homes of the Year

    The best of the best newly built abodes in 417-land.

  • 2007 Homes of the Year

    We hope you enjoy our staff-picked winners in four home-value categories, plus one overall winner.

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  • 2016 Design Awards

    Good interior design strikes the perfect balance between beauty and function, spaces that demand to be looked at...

  • 2015 Design Awards

    When it comes to interior design, there’s good, there’s better and there’s best. And the best is what this...

  • 2014 Design Awards

    Take a look at the winning designers’ projects, and be inspired to plan your own dream-worthy space.

  • The 2013 Design Awards

    When it comes to interior design, these are the best of the best. Ready to be inspired? Read on, and enjoy.

  • 417 Home Design Awards 2012

    Meet the winning designers of the 2012 417 Home Design Awards.

  • Home Design Awards 2011

    See the most impressive home remodels, interior design projects and outdoor spaces in 417-land.

  • 2010 Interior Design Awards

    Some of these home and commercial design trends are new to 417-land. Others are tried-and-true favorites. Find...

  • 2009 Interior Designs of the Year

    They’re new, they’re innovative and they look better than ever: Feast your eyes on the award-winning...

  • 2008 Interior Designs of the Year

    417 Home's annual celebration of the best of the best in 417-land's interior design universe.

  • 2007 Interior Designs of the Year

    The ballots are in, and it’s another year chock-full of hot designs and innovative concepts.

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  • Outdoor Spaces 2016

    We searched 417-land to find homes with outdoor spaces that embody this design strategy, and we’re confident...

  • Lakeside Living

    If you live in southwest Missouri, you know that nothing says relaxation more than a trip to the lake.

  • Outdoor Spaces 2014

    Every year, just when we’re all about ready to kick the long, cold 417-land winter to the curb, we dedicate...

  • Outdoor Spaces 2013

    Decorating a home is often about bringing the outside in, but when you’re designing a luxurious outdoor space,...

  • Outdoor Spaces 2012

    Geoff Stanczyk and Tony Hawn’s gorgeous outdoor space features layered English gardens, beautiful dining and...

  • Outdoor Spaces 2011

    Gorgeous landscaping, pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens and fire pits are all components of some of the...

  • The Garden Collection: 2010

    Catch a glimpse of three of the most gorgeous, one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces in southwest Missouri, and get a...

  • 2009 Gardens of the Year
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