1. Share Some Pride

Paul and Hannah Catlett’s east Springfield home is filled with many personal touches, including a massive American flag that hangs behind their bed in the master bedroom. “The large American flag is a constant reminder of how blessed we are to live in a free country,” Hannah says. “From a design standpoint, the mix of old Americana and simple, clean lines of the walnut frame represent our style perfectly—a little bit country, a little bit modern.”

2. Get Personal 

While working on a home remodel, Luke and Jennifer Snyder used the design expertise of Jennifer’s sister, Julie Manna of Julie Manna design. Manna also designed the couple’s wedding, where she used monogram marquee letters at the entry of the reception space. To incorporate the memory and add a personal touch to Luke and Jennifer’s home décor, Manna mounted the large letters on a reclaimed wood wall behind the home’s bar.

3. Display a Collection

To add interest to a large blank wall behind a console, interior designer Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home displayed a collection of foundry molds from a now-defunct Joplin foundry. “We love using unique or found objects as an alternative to traditional wall art,” Taylor says. “This collection of antique foundry molds creates a dramatic statement. The varied size, shape and coloration makes the entire wall work as one unified piece of art, and it’s a favorite point of conversation in this Lebanon home.”