Go Boho Chic with These Local Finds

Create a curated space with fall’s trendy blue and green color palettes, lots of woven textiles and the season’s inventive geometric patterns that speak to a variety of cultures.

Styled by Heather Kane | Photos by Brandon Alms

Sep 2017

Graphic Grace: 1. Iron black lion door knocker decor, $225 at Obelisk Home 2. Pom Pom shaggy blanket, $159 at 5908 Interiors 3. Aruba teal pillows, $129 each at Refine Studios 4. Bloomingville macramé pillow in gray, $63.50 at Harrison House Market 5. Lemeta table lamp with mercury shade, $238 at James Décor 6. Magnolia Home striped throw, $83.28 at Refine Studios 7. Sackcloth & Ashes arrow blue fleece blanket, $99 at Refine Studios
(Left) Ruby and Rust: 1. Aztec pillow, $42 at Grayson Home 2. Worldly Goods teal glass bottle, $99 at 5908 Interiors 3. Decorational plant topper, $10.50; round blue vase, $24.50; both at Harrison House Market 4. Noir natural wood side table, $359 at 5908 Interiors (Right) Pillow Talk: 1. Paprika capelet, $44 at Flora & Fern 2. Sense & Sensibility ribbon throw, $438 at James Décor 3. Zigzag print throw in gray, $62 at Harrison House Market 4. Kennebunk throw in blue, $52 at The Market 5. Olive and taupe lumbar pillow from the Ellen DeGeneres collection from Loloi, $129 at Obelisk Home 6. Black, beige and white Hadara velvet pillow, $140 at Obelisk Home 7. Charcoal, beige and white Southwest Aztec pillow, $42 at Grayson Home 8. Knit poof in tan, $99 at The Market 9. Shiraleah paisley round pillow, $53.95 at The Market 10. Creative Co-op 18-inch square pompom cushion in gold velvet, $38.50 at Harrison House Market 11. Knit poof in gray and white, $73.50 at Harrison House Market 12. Knit poof in gray, $73.50 at The Market
(Left) Take on Texture: 1. Cotton tapestry in burnt orange, $67 at Flora & Fern 2. Canvas and leather pillows, $44 each at Ellecor Design & Gifts 3. Round wicker basket, $59.95 at The Market 4. Sansevieria plant in yellow pot, $75 at Flora & Fern 5. Mercana leather chair, $749 at 5908 Interiors 6. Beckley graphite shag rug, $187 at James Décor (Right) Go Green: 1. Round willow and wood tray, $89.50 at Harrison House Market 2. Sansevieria plant in yellow pot, $75 at Flora & Fern 3. Wicker plant basket, $80 at Flora & Fern 4. Cheyenne basket, $117 at James Décor 5. Green vintage candle holder light, $95 at Grayson Home 6. Green and white Hadara velvet pillow, $140 at Obelisk Home 7. Black and white textured pillow, $82 at Grayson Home

Local Shopping Resources

Get these gorgeous goods at local shops just a stone’s throw away.  

5908 Home Furnishings
2144 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-889-5908
Ellecor design & Gifts , 2144 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-720-2602
Grayson Home353 Main Street, Fordland, 417-299-0227
Harrison House Market1717 E. Cherokee St., Suite 103, Springfield, 417-351-3122 
James Décor1324 E. Republic Road, Springfield, 417-883-2616
The Market2628 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-889-1145
Obelisk Home214 W. Phelps St., Suite 101, Springfield, 417-616-6488
Refine Studios , 219 E. Commercial St., Springfield, 417-368-1029