Howdy Y’all: At Lucy’s fifth birthday party, all the guests decorated cowgirl hats to match the party’s Western theme. Lucy (bottom) and the rest of the girls enjoyed pony rides.

After several years of hosting themed birthday parties for her daughter Lucy, 417 Magazine’s Associate Publisher Logan Aguirre decided to ring in Lucy’s fifth birthday with the help of a few four-legged friends. As a parade of Lucy’s girlfriends ran to the backyard, they were greeted by Harper the pony, Finn the friendly goat and Charlie the old-but-loveable pony. Aguirre’s friend, Winter Skelton, loaned Aguirre the trio of animals from her family’s farm.

The whole shindig centered on a cowgirl theme with each of the 25 young ladies receiving a cowgirl hat to decorate. “I’m big on activities,” says Aguirre. “They help keep kids calm, and crafts like this double as party favors they can take home and enjoy.” 

With glittered and bedazzled hats on their heads, the girls turned their attention to the stars of the show: the animals. Finn the goat loved munching on Skittles, and Harper spent the morning parading the smiling ladies around the backyard. Aguirre pulled out all the stops for this one, but by not diving into a sea of details, she was able to enjoy the event and keep the pre-party meltdowns to a minimum. 


The Menu
By hosting the birthday party in the mid-morning, Aguirre didn’t have to provide a whole meal. For snacks, she made bags of trail mix to go along with the cowgirl theme and offered juice boxes and cake from Beth’s Bake Shoppe.


Aguirre got her inspiration for the pony party from Pinterest, and once the theme was set, she got to work picking out decorations to match the theme. She supplied the girls with cowgirl hats and covered the tables with burlap. The décor was simple and easy to pull off, but also festive and fun. Hay bales were spread out around the backyard, and the girls were even able to ride and pet the animals.

Logan and Dave Aguirre hosted a fabulous pony party for their daughter, Lucy. Lucy shared the day with her friends, family and even her little brother, Cruz (pictured).

Stress-free Party Planning Tips 

Logan Aguirre shares how to host a special bash without blowing your budget or losing your sanity.  

Tip 1
Find your focus.
Rather than trying to shoot for the moon and being overwhelmed, pick one or two elements of the party to focus on. You want the event to be special, but you don’t want it to be too much work for yourself.

Tip 2
Put the kids first.
Remember the party is for the children. Don’t stress about impressing the adults.

Tip 3 
Commission a photographer.
Enlist the help of a friend or hire someone. I always make a Shutterfly book of Lucy’s birthdays and give her the book for Christmas.

Tip 4 
Avoid major mealtimes.
One way to cut costs is to have the party in the mid-morning, around 10 a.m. That way you aren’t expected to provide a whole meal. 

Tip 5 
Get your kids involved.
I had Lucy help me pick up party supplies and prep for the party. I also had her write all of her thank-you notes after the party.