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Let Your Decor Go Coastal

Get ready for a heat wave, because flamboyant foliage, bamboo and rattan are all coming together to create bold spaces inspired by the tropics.

Styled by Heather Kane | Photos by Brandon Alms

Mar 2016

Style Tip: Have fun with your table displays this season with a show-stopping piece like this ceramic monkey with tray, $210 at Obelisk Home.


Mix Up Your Materials: 1. Gold Leaf Design bamboo lantern, $69 at 5908 Interiors 2. Antique gold cane nesting tables, $620 at Obelisk Home 3. Rusted urn, $99.95 at Me and My House 4. 57-inch fiddle leaf fig branches, $55 each at Obelisk Home


Pattern Play: 1. Large willow tray,  $54.95 at Me and My House 2. Succulent in pot, $5 at Me and My House 3. E. Lawrence books, $35 at 5908 Interiors 4. Botanical art print, $24 at The Market


Green Envy: 1. Emerald Green vases, $22–40 at Obelisk Home 2. Green Botanica stem, $8.95 a stem at Me and My House 3. Botanica #185, $21.95 at Me and My House 4. Rusted urn, $99.95 at Me and My House 5. Large ceramic  pineapple, $58 each at The Market 6. Wood Bridge Hassek cubes, $378 each at Wheeler’s Furniture


Sweet Citrus: 1.Green Botanica Stem, $8.95 a stem at Me and My House 2. Mercana orange vase, $33.95 at 5908 Interiors  3. Ivory Anise vase, small $18, large $35 at Obelisk Home 4. Durian stand, $39.95 at Me and My House


This new trend is right out of science class. Vases that mimic test tubes, like this set of three glass vases with a wooden base, are popping up all over. Snag these vases and base ($31.95) and these Paper Moon florals ($6 each) at Me and My House. 


Local Shopping Resources

Love this collection of tropical springtime home accessories? Scoop up these items and more at the following 417-land stores.

5908 Interiors
2144 E. Republic Rd, Springfield, 417-889-5908

Obelisk Home
214 W Phelps St., Springfield, 417-616-6488

Me & My House
3405 E. Battlefield Rd., Ste. 128, Springfield, 417-720-1291

The Market
2628 S. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, 417-889-1145

Wheeler’s Furniture 
3861 South Ave., Springfield, 417-889-3200


Special Thanks 

417 Home would like to give a quick thank you to Debbie Sutliff for letting us use her University Heights home, designed by Sharon Taylor Designs, as the backdrop for our Go Coastal shoot. Stay tuned to see more of her house in the May issue of 417 Magazine