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Seasonal Outdoor Seats

Bring comfort and style to your outdoor space with the season’s hottest outdoor furniture from a handful of 417-land shops.

By Mike Cullinan | Photos courtesy Southern Komfort, Rhoads Design and Construction, Shutterstock

Mar 2016

Seasonal Outdoor Seats
When choosing furniture for your fire pit, be sure to choose a material that can be close to a heat source.

Many homeowners today don’t see their house’s outdoor areas just as a place to grill a burger or take a quick dip in the pool. In fact, they’re ever-increasing locations of investment in time and money, with the furniture populating those spaces a vital part of their overall quality. So what’s popular in outdoor furniture to use by the pool, fire pit, porch or patio and dining area? We talked to the local pros to find out.

By the Pool

Glider chairs, made of high-density polyethylene recycled plastic, are hot sellers, says Joan Nutting of Maschino’s (417-869-1513, maschinos.com). They come in numerous colors, which can help make your pool pop. The double glider Adirondack chair from Breezesta is a particular standout, Nutting says, adding that it’s incredibly comfortable and perfect around water because it’s all plastic with no fabric involved. “What’s great about them is there’s no metal touching your concrete, so there’s no rusting issues,” she says.

Randy Renyer, co-owner at Outdoor Rooms by Design (417-739-1019, outdoorrooms.net), says he sees a lot of aluminum sling furniture in demand for its stylish look and easy maintenance. “We go from a lot of vibrant colors to earth tones,” Renyer says. “It really goes back to the look the [homeowner’s] are after and their backyard.”

By the Fire Pit

Furniture around the fire pit can depend on the heating source and where it’s located, Renyer says, adding they sell a lot of the composite Adirondack chairs because they can sit outside 365 days a year and nothing affects them.

Nutting agrees about the versatility of the Adirondack chairs, adding that deep seating is a big draw for people looking for comfort when spending time around the fire pit on a chilly night.  Another popular piece, the tête-à-tête (a small table-like piece that conveniently joins two Adirondack chairs), can also be found in multiple outdoor spaces. “It’s romantic in the sense that’s it’s a two-seater,” Nutting says. “That chair is crazy comfortable.”

 Bed swings, which are popular in the South, are making their way into local stores.

On the Porch

Chaise lounges, gliders and rockers are all popular options for the porch, says Mark Ranum, manager of the Springfield location of Outdoor Home (417-869-0174, outdoorhome.com), as all can be put in motion. Counter height and bar height furnishings are really popular versus standard dining height pieces—particularly if decks are involved. “You don’t want to sit down in your chair and be staring at a hand rail,” Ranum says. Bedswings, such as those made by Southern Komfort, incorporate wood frames made of eucalyptus and include Sunbrella fabrics. “It’s a very, very southern thing,” he says. “The bedswing is a huge trend coming around.”

Renyer says he sees quite a bit of demand for resin wickers, which have eight to 12 frame color options and 40 to 120 fabric options from most manufacturers.

Téte-â-tétes make it possible to create two-person seating options in your outdoor space.

On the Patio and Dining Area

The Adirondack chairs offered by Berlin Gardens have proven to be a best-selling furniture line, as the poly lumber material is durable, low maintenance and primarily made of recycled milk cartons. “It’s heavy and doesn’t blow around,” Ranum says. “It’s the lowest maintenance of anything you can have.” Ottomans, paired with deep seating options, are another popular selection, Nutting says. Much like the choices by the pool, Renyer says swivel rockers and gliders are in demand, too, at the outdoor dining tables. “It’s still a very practical chair, but it’s also weatherproof,” he says.