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Gina McMurtrey's Home

Shannon and Gina McMurtrey moved to a customized cedar log clad home in Willard 11 years ago. Take a look inside the space, which she describes as livable contemporary.

By Savannah Waszczuk | Photos by Brandon Alms

Mar 2017


As McMurtrey designed the kitchen, she had one main goal in mind: marrying its mostly contemporary style with a splash of rustic. She used various design techniques, including combining clean lines with a ledgestone backsplash. “We resonate with nature,” McMurtrey says. “I try to involve all elements in all spaces.” The kitchen also has quartz countertops, plus cherry wood cabinets that McMurtrey painted when the couple refreshed the room a few years ago. “They’re the perfect blend of black, brown and gray,” McMurtrey says.


McMurtrey is quick to admit that it took her a while to design the bedroom. After she created an online eDECORATING service, she approached the room as she would a client’s, and she nailed it. “I wanted it to be serene and calming,” McMurtrey says. “Almost like a resort-like feel. It’s especially great in the summer with the wind blowing the white linen curtains around.” The room features a piece of artwork given to the couple from Peng Zhang, a student the family met through the International Friends of Missouri State program. 


A home office wasn’t originally part of the plans, but the McMurtreys created one to make use of extra space on the second floor. Gina and Shannon both have computers in the room, but Gina uses it most. “Sometimes I’ll bring clients in here to look at samples and discuss plans,” she says. A cozy sofa makes the space perfect for such tasks. The space includes a table McMurtrey made from her great grandfather’s old work chest.