Hire This Local Artist to Paint Your Home

Illustrator Stevie Rozean shows us that home is where the art is.

By Ana Elliott

Mar 2018

Photo by Stevie Rozean

It all started with a commission. Stevie Rozean was pursuing her passions—painting, illustrating and sharing photos on Instagram—when a client approached her with a request to paint their house. Rozean’s mission is to create pieces that are meaningful to the buyer, and she’s found her niche in custom work. Although she also illustrates couples, pets and other one-of-a-kind pieces, houses have become her bestseller. “It’s fun for me because I’m creating something people are hanging in their homes,” Rozean says. “A house is something that holds so many memories and so much of who you are. I love that I get to create something for people that holds that value.”

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